The first disclaimer I’ll make is that I am not an antiques expert. And the second is that there is so much more than what is encompassed in this piece.

Many people love to point me in the direction of vintage china. After all, I have a pretty sweet small-sized collection of vintage porcelain. Some, I have purchased myself for KITH + KIN, some have been gifts, some are my personal collection. Many times when people like to talk to me about their china, or their experiences, they have great stories, they know that it is something to respect and appreciate.

On the other hand, there have been instances when someone will share with me different “crafts” that people do with porcelain.

I will come out and say with 100% transparency: Nothing upsets me more about the topic of porcelain than when people destroy vintage porcelain or break sets for frivolous entertainment.

There are people who have told me they smash - yes, smash - china to pieces and “create” works of art. My heart shatters every time I remember that story. The first time I listened to this woman talk about this is seared in my cortex.

There are other people who pretend that it is better to break sets and pour candles in them. “How cute!” I swear the words “how cute” are the top words that make me want to close down shop. (Topic which I will detail later.) If you by luck find a set of china, pour candles in them and sell them individually literally destroys its value. It devalues these pieces completely.

And at the risk of sounding aloof, it is just plain ignorant. Those are actions that show these people’s ignorance on the subject, and have no sense of appreciation of art and value.

I am attaching a link to an article published in the New York Times in 1986 that expresses in one sense how valuable some porcelain can be.


And another link about Chinese ceramics which speaks about things to look for in ceramics/porcelain when considering value and why they’re important historic artifacts.


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