All services and packages are highly customizable and vary greatly from client to client, which is why there are no set prices posted on the site and every communication begins with a free thirty minute consultation.



Photo by  Meg Adamik

Photo by Meg Adamik


We have two bridal packages: Bridal Luncheon (You’ll get this one if you’re from the South) and Bridal Suite.

BRIDAL LUNCHEON Luncheons are a daytime celebration for the bride and her attendants. It’s a great opportunity to get together with your ‘maids before you head down the aisle. This event is often treated as an opportunity for the bride to thank her bridesmaids for their hard work and support over the course of the wedding planning process. Think an all girl small party with florals and soft textures.

BRIDAL SUITE The most overlooked part of the wedding is the moment when the bride and her attendants are getting ready at the Bridal Suite. “Someone” is supposed to take care of the food, but it often ends up being bland caesar salads or greasy subs with brown paper napkins and plastic bags - no thanks! Instead, opt for a beautiful tea party inside the suite where everyone can eat at their pace in a beautiful and inspiring moment and space which will sure be a great start to a magical day.


Education: Classes/Workshops/Tastings

As you may have seen on our homepage, our mission is to make tea cool and relevant. We do this by talking about tea in all its forms in fun and engaging programs. We are constantly hosting workshops, classes, talks, and tastings. Some of these are public to purchase tickets, some of them are privately planned for clients.

We love tea in all its forms and we are able to explore:

  • History of Tea

  • Tea Leaf Readings

  • Gong-Fu Style Tea Ceremony

  • Japanese Tea Ceremony

  • Tea Etiquette

  • Tea for Health

  • Blending Tisanes

Drop-offs + Catering

Looking for something simple? If you are hosting an informal meeting or want to offer a treat to your customers we offer easy drop-offs and catering.

This offering is ideal for:

  • Parent-Teacher Association Meetings

  • Businesses with a come-and-go event

  • Book Clubs

  • Networking Events

We can drop off fresh-steeped tea, a setup of pastries and the disposables needed for the event. As large or small as is needed.

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I know what you’re thinking: "I can do this, right?" The answer is yes, but do you want to? To plan a truly beautiful and special tea event requires time and the right resources. Otherwise you risk having very mediocre results. And for you, that wont do.

Our highly curated British Style afternoon tea service delivered at a private residence or venue. Best for showers, birthdays and other celebrations.



Our consulting services cover a wide range of consulting from setting up afternoon tea programs for institutions and organizations, to setting up tea programs and menus for restaurants, cafes and more.


We serve the areas top golf country and social clubs by providing special programming for their day programs and setting up their afternoon tea programs.

Corporate and Business

Our Corporate + Business clients are some of our favorites because this is where we can get really creative. They usually involve and activity or a workshop or class.

There are two targets that our Corporate + Business clients have. Their existing or potential clients, and their employees. We love helping them interact and engage with their target relationships. Think inviting potential clients to an intimate tea social + japanese whisky tasting hosted by us, or celebrating the office’s youngest arrivals in an office-wide tea party.


Meetup: We also have a meetup group in Chicago and we meet regularly on Sundays. Our group’s name is Sunday Tea Club. We also post our meetups on our events calendar, so check it out: Meetup Events