All services and packages vary greatly from client to client. Every communication begins with a free thirty minute consultation. Looking forward to hearing from you!





BRIDAL LUNCHEON This event is often treated as an opportunity for the bride to thank her bridesmaids for their hard work and support over the course of the wedding planning process. Think a southern tea party with a modified afternoon tea menu

BRIDAL SUITE For the bride, her family and attendants while getting ready at the Bridal Suite. This is a beautiful tea party inside the suite where everyone can eat at their pace in a beautiful and inspiring moment.

Tea + Dessert Table Often overlooked, the dessert table is a great way to offer your guests a lovely and civilized extra treat. This is a beautiful setup which is sure to add extra oomph to an already magical place.



Our mission is to show that tea can be interesting and exciting. We do this by talking about tea in all its forms in fun. We are constantly hosting workshops, classes, talks, and tastings. Some of these are public to purchase tickets, some of them are privately planned for clients.

We love tea in all its forms and we are able to explore:

  • History of Afternoon Tea

  • Tea Leaf Readings

  • Gong-Fu Style Tea Ceremony

  • Japanese Tea Ceremony

  • Tea Etiquette

  • Herbal Infusions for Health

  • And more…



Our consulting services cover a wide range of consulting from setting up afternoon tea programs for institutions and organizations, to setting up tea programs and menus for restaurants, cafes and more.


We serve Chicago and Palm Springs, CA top golf country and social clubs by providing special programming for their communities and setting up their afternoon tea programs.

High-End Hotels and Corporate

Our Hotel and Corporate services vary depending on what services they provide to their guests and communities. This ranges from setting up afternoon tea programs, sourcing china, provide specialty break and event hosting for their groups, banquets, and meetings, etc.

This work also involves serving their wedding clients with pre-wedding and day-of tea amenities.


Meetup: We have a meetup group in Chicago and we meet regularly. Our group’s name is Sunday Tea Club.